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"DISQUE LA RAYÉ" OUT NOW on Born Bad Records

Disque La Rayé (60's french west indies Boo-Boo-Galoo) is our latest project with Born Bad Record and will be out the 25th June. This 13 titles compilation gathers a selection of tracks sounding like a rather unorthodox créole interpretation of the nuyorican Booglaoo, stuck between the strong Yéyé influcence coming from the french Metropole and the modern latin fusion emerging from Harlem.

Digital Zandoli SoundSystem @ the 4th Afro Tropical Week End, Moari Beach, Greece

Digital Zandoli Sounsystem @ the 4th Afro Tropical Week End, Moari Beach, Greece. 

Interview of Michel Marre - Cossi Anatz (English version)

MICHEL MARRE Founder and leader of Cossi Anatz

Interview de Michel Marre - Cossi Anatz

Michel Marre, fondateur et leader de Cossi Anatz : Jazz Afro-Occitan, 

Digger's Digest on Worldwide FM / Mellotron

We have been lucky to be invited to play a few records by Gilles Peterson Worldwide FM @Le Mellotron in Paris.