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Digital Zandoli SoundSystem @ the 4th Afro Tropical Week End, Moari Beach, Greece

Digital Zandoli Sounsystem @ the 4th Afro Tropical Week End, Moari Beach, Greece. 

Interview of Michel Marre - Cossi Anatz (English version)

MICHEL MARRE Founder and leader of Cossi Anatz

Interview de Michel Marre - Cossi Anatz

Michel Marre, fondateur et leader de Cossi Anatz : Jazz Afro-Occitan, 

DIGITAL ZANDOLI sur France Culture !

Digital Zandoli in the Monday musical column on french national radio France Culture by French journalist Etienne Menu. 

Edmony Krater - Ti Jan Pou Vélo Live !

Big Up to the mighty Edmony Krater for bringing a powerfull Live of Ti Jan Pou Vélo ! If you are in the South don't miss it. Here is the Video Recording of Gwadeloup live @ Rio Grande, Montauband, France.