Beethova Obas - Si...

    First album by haitian singer Beethova Obas who brillantly succeed in merging bossanova, caribbean rhythms and jazz. Although it's not clearly credited on notes, it seems the legendary band from Martinique, Malavoi is involved in the recording of this great album. All the tracks are excellent like with the bossa jazz songs Ase Babye, Leve, Moun Sa Yo, Si ... (Oh ... Oh !) or Twoubadou or more international modern pop love songs from the 90's like Kite'm ri or Satan Pwal Boule . I'm sure this beautiful overlooked album, still unknown from the collectors circuit,  will be in demand soon ! Ultra hard to find. 

  • Beethova Obas
  • Si...
  • Label: Déclic Communication
  • Reference: BSD 127
  • Country: France
  • Release decade: 1990
  • Cover state: NM
  • Vinyl state: NM
    • Currently unavailable