Ben & the Platano Group - Paris Soul

    As you migh know Ben and Platano's Paris Soul is considered by many as one of the most wanted french jazz funk album. I guess I don't need to introduce this album, with only killer funky latin jazz numbers, that was recorded in 170 and released in 1971 on the Barclay.  The band members, apart from Evaristo Nata, their arranger, are not credited but I guess some famous musicians play on this rarity. You have every kind of funky and latin rythms from this late 60's early 70's in this album with beautiful titles such as Salute to Santa, Black Waders, Culzean, Platano Split, Art Pino Pasta, Cabaret, Paris Soul... Long time flea market holy grail, this is now impossible to find, so with this test pressing you have a true unique piece in your collection, send really serious offers and don't sleep on this rarity. Music speaks louder than words so check the actual soundclip of this unique test pressing. 

  • Ben & the Platano Group
  • Paris Soul
  • Label: Barclay
  • Reference: Test pressing
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 1971
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: EX
    • Price : 490,00 €