Roland Brival - Boua Boua West Indies

    Seldom seen underrated 2nd album by Roland Brival more minimalist and traditional than his Créole Gypsy masterpice, this effort really worth a close listenning with tracks like "Dlo", mixing gwo ka, jazz or "Vey o Grain" a nice folky gwo ka jazz number. With Flute, Organ, Electric Bass, flute and of course Ti Boua, Congas & Gwo ka. Nice album still to be discovered in the same vein as Max Cilla, or Erick Cosaque ... In Minty cond.

  • Roland Brival
  • Boua Boua West Indies
  • Label: 3A productions
  • Country: France - West Indies
  • Release decade: 1980
  • Cover state: NM
  • Vinyl state: NM
    • Currently unavailable