The Vampires of Dartmoore - Dracula music Cabinet

    Fantastic strange psyched out wanna be scary concept Lp by German jazz musicians Horst Ackermann & Heribert Thusek (Also rumoured to feature the involvement of Krautrock legend Siegfried Schwab). This fake soundtrack is an incredible, dark foray into the world of eerie samples & chilling dark funk. Insane electronic effects, screams, moans , deep organ, snoring round bassfor your kraut /psych Halloween party to rank with your copy of Vampire Sound Inc. ! This record was used by DJ Spinna for the Jigmasta's original lifting the fatback swamp bass and hip hop beats of "Tanz der Vampire". Record is strong EX. Cover is EX with a drillhole. 

  • The Vampires of Dartmoore
  • Dracula music Cabinet
  • Label: Metronome
  • Country: Germany
  • Release decade: 1970
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: EX
    • Price : 280,00 €