Gwakasonné - Gwakasonné

    It's funny to see how some records stay totally underrated for years ! Gwakasonné is porbably Guadeloupe best kept secret and super in demand today ! This album mAINLY compsed by Robert Oumaou is a subbtle fusion between traditional Gwo Ka and jazz, the best heritage from Vélo, Guy Conquette and Gérard Lockel. The whole album is splendid from start to finish and tinted with spiritual notes of the deep voices and floating flute solo, loud bass and Ka : W3 (Woy Woy Woy) with its early electro beat from vintage rythms box is just amazing, Algerie 62 is a deep spiritual political cut with beautiful guitar solo. To rank with Edmony Krater & Zepiss, DOA, Luc-Hubert Séjor, Ka Lévé, Horizon Gwo Ka, Synchro, Brival, Max Labor Mama Says, definitely one of the best go ka jazz fusion album from Gwada ! Check the long audio and don't sleep it. Both cover and record in NM / NM (record has a very very light storage warp like most of the copies). 

  • Gwakasonné
  • Gwakasonné
  • Label: LM Production
  • Reference: LM 6032
  • Country: France (Guadeloupe)
  • Release year: 1984
  • Cover state: NM
  • Vinyl state: EX
    • Currently unavailable