Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra - L'inter Communal

    Surprising album by L'Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra led by pianist François Tusques. Fantastic mix of jazz, folk, and protest songs. Don't miss out the deep "Abrisme Galanica" with a superb fusion of traditional instruments like biniou (bagpipes from Britany), jazz orchestration and revolutionary lyrics sung in French. The deep Sun Ra esque "L'Heure est à lutte" is also not to be missed. With massive african percussions, features Jo Maka on sax, Michel Marre (Cossy Anatz) is on trombone. But my favorite cut remains "Mar Jo Cantar No Fabia" a beautiful protest jazz cut with a strong oriental/spanish influence, sung in spanish by Carlos Andreou. Record looks unplayed. Cover isstrong EX close to NM. A really nice copy of probably the hardest to find from the Intercommunal Serie. NOT THE ACTUAL SOUNDCLIP

  • Intercommunal Free Dance Music Orchestra
  • L'inter Communal
  • Label: Vendémiaire
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 1978
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: NM
    • Currently unavailable