Muriel Grossman - Golden Rule (Golden Edition)

    Beautiful album by Austrian saxophonist/composer Muriel Grossman. This Golden Rule clearly intends to position itself in the legacy of John Coltrane. Beautiful spiritual, post bop, modal and psychedelic jazz from Central Europe ! With Radomir Milojkovic on guitar, Gina Schwarz on double bass and Uros Stamenkovic on drums. Released at 400 copies on Estonian Label RRGEMS. Instant classic. Check the long audio. The album is beautiful from start to finish ! This is the 2nd press with the super godlen printed title. 2x12" 200 gram vinyl. Limited edition #2 of 1000 ex.. Gatefold outer sleeve with a Golden Foil Title// old style tip-on cover// 0,69 mm/2,71 inch thick cardboard

  • Muriel Grossman
  • Golden Rule (Golden Edition)
  • Label: RR GEMS
  • Reference: RRGEMS05 Second Edition
  • Country: Estonia
  • Release year: 2020
  • Cover state: SS
  • Vinyl state: SS
    • Price : 45,00 €