Nyssa Musique - Comme Au Moulin

    Scarce little known self produced album released in the mid 80's by this French band with enigmatic name Nyssa Musique. They perform a minimal abstract jazz tinted with african, eastern, indonesian, Indian influences with a great works on the percussions. The whole album is really to be enjoyed from start to finish with some bdeep beautiful atmospheres. Cover is strong EX (Not mint du to very slightly yellowed along mouth as most of the copies I have seen). Record is NM. Absolutely essential if you are into deep world jazz. 

  • Nyssa Musique
  • Comme Au Moulin
  • Label: Mikaël Promotions
  • Country: France
  • Release decade: 1980
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: NM
    • Price : 250,00 €