Teddy Lasry - Racing

    Teddy Lasry ex magma and Claude Perraudin are behind this pretty underrated library on the Patchwork label, includes several excellent cosmic fully electronic delerius psych tunes like Kandahar, Chamonix, Altitude and also some amazing Harlem Pop Trotters-esque moog synth jazz funk tunes (even better in my opinion) with Cortina, Squaw Valley, mad breaks, clavinet, deep space synth, funky bass. Check the long soundclip and see how heavy and overlooked this Library is !

  • Teddy Lasry
  • Racing
  • Label: Patchwork # 24
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 1976
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: EX
    • Price : 50,00 €