Surprise Chef - Daylight Savings

    Daylight Savings is the second full-length album by Melbourne's cinematic soul journeymen Surprise Chef. Recorded over a weekend in Surprise Chef's DIY analogue studio (dubbed The College Of Knowledge), Daylight Savings expands on the dramatic 1970s cinematic soul sound established on their acclaimed first album, 2019's All News Is Good News. Created in Spring 2019, just as the jasmine bush in the backyard of the College Of Knowledge was coming to full bloom, Daylight Savings is filled with the optimism and hope that comes with the impending long, warm evenings after a dreary Melbourne winter. Out of Print unplayed first pressing on College Of Knowledge Records. (Not the European press on Mr.Bongo !) ESSENTIAL if you are into 70's psychdelic instrumental soul & spacey jazz funk !!!! 


  • Surprise Chef
  • Daylight Savings
  • Label: College Of Knowledge Records
  • Country: Australia
  • Release year: 2020
  • Cover state: SS
  • Vinyl state: SS
    • Price : 60,00 €