Twylyte'81 - The First Coming

    First-ever reissue of The First Coming, by Twylyte ’81, an extremely rare and underrated Soul-Jazz album produced and released in 1981.

    Twylyte ’81 was a 3 pieces band composed of Frank Jones Jr., Alfred Brown Jr. and John Belzaguy, who, except for John, have never recorded anything else than this incredible album. The First Coming is primarily standing out by a superb composition, mixing touches of Soul, Jazz, and Disco together. It secondly shines thanks to the amazingly deep and spiritual voice of the band leader, Frank Jones Jr., whose vocals style can sometimes remind of John Lucien. Even more impressive is the fact that these 3 fellas were all less or close to 18 years old when composing and recording this beauty. As did others brilliant hidden projects such as Ted Coleman Band, or Minority Band, it was also useful for Twylyte ’81 to receive the support of JSR Records, a kind of non-profit label dedicated to help young bands and artists in recording and producing their own records. Words From Favorite Recordings

  • Twylyte'81
  • The First Coming
  • Label: Favorite Recordings
  • Reference: FVR160LP
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 2020
  • Cover state: SS
  • Vinyl state: SS
    • Price : 28,00 €