Salah Ragab - Unreleased Egyptian Jazz

    Another great project released by Jazzmanrecords, previously-unreleased ethnic jazz from the legendary Egyptian drummer! Before the re-release of his album with the Cairo Jazz Band, the name Salah Ragab was best known to jazz fans and record collectors by way of another LP that was recorded with Sun Ra in the early ‘70s. His album Prism Music Unit with the Cairo Jazz Band was released in Egypt with another by the Cairo Free Jazz Ensemble, but perhaps only Salah himself knew of the other songs he had recorded at the time, but didn’t make it onto these LPs. (Jazzman 2012)

  • Salah Ragab
  • Unreleased Egyptian Jazz
  • Label: Jazzmanrecord
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 2012
  • Cover state: SS
  • Vinyl state: SS
    • Price : 30,00 €