Voices Of Darkness - Voices Of Darkness (MISPRESSED)

    Don't judge a record by his cover ! You think you are buying a cool Ebenezer Obey album but you finally have a minty copy of monster nigerian funk album by Voices Of Darkness. Pretty unusual mispressing of Voices Of Darkness. Record label shows DECCA logo and Ebenezer Obey album tracklist but this definitley the 1st lp of Cameroonian band based in Lagos, Nigeria you are listening to ! No need to introduce this cleary impossible to find album recently repressed by Superfly Records. This mispressed copy is in close to NM condition, plays superb with only a few noises here and there, check the long actual audio. Really a bargain when you consider the rarity and the price on this record ! 

  • Voices Of Darkness
  • Voices Of Darkness (MISPRESSED)
  • Label: Afrodesia
  • Country: Nigeria
  • Release year: 1974
  • Cover state: EX
  • Vinyl state: EX
    • Price : 550,00 €