Madjumbé - Zail

    Slept on Late 80's private West Indies jazz fusion in the same vein as Lucien Jolly, Brival, Cultier still unknown by collectors I guess. Some superb deep modern West indies groovy jazz like the beautiful "Se Llama" reminding another West Indies Grail, "Guadeloupe Reflexions" by Camille Soprann'. Super piano solo, Also worth to check "Evanescence" & "Madjoumbé". Close to Mint stock copy. This is the kind of under the radar record that whas been press to a very small run. Great NM copy.

  • Madjumbé
  • Zail
  • Label: Hibiscus
  • Country: France
  • Release year: 1988
  • Cover state: NM
  • Vinyl state: NM
    • Price : 70,00 €